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Cheats for 25 to Life

Původní text, ve kterém hru v angličtině

25 to Life - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Playstation 2

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Unlockable: Rick Ta Life:
Go to your car.

Unlockable: Officer Williams:
Get a clue to Mendoza's car.

Unlockable: DJ Envy:
Go to the subway.

Unlockable: Kurupt:
Find Saragosa and kill him.

Unlockable: Dazz:
Give a justice to Shaun.

Unlockable: Tech H9ne:
Give a justice to Shaun.

Unlockable: Freeze's Starting Outfit:
Go to your car.

Unlockable: Bank Robbing Outfit:
Getaway with your car.

Unlockable: Shaun's Getaway Digs:
Ambush Shaun in subway.

Unlockable: Bonus Level "Beatdown":
You have to complete all of the 12 mission and extra mission.

Prison Presents:
In jail level, you can go to empty room and jail cell to get extra ammo
and health tools.

Infinite Ammo:
Submitted by: Mark

To get infinite ammo press X,triangle,triangle,O,O,O,X during gameplay


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