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Cheats for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Second Edition

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Funny Regis saying

Enter your name as Regis. Regis will make a silly comment and change your name to Wannabe.

But wait, what if your name is really Regis?(Hey, it's possible!) I guess you'll have to settle for an alternative like Reggis or Reegis or even Regiss. Or, just do what you should be doing anyway and use your middle name.


Try naming yourself as DAN BLONSKY and you will be renamed as IMPOSTER or PHONY or FIBBER.

More Funny Regis-isms

Enter your name as Millionare. Regis will make a silly comment and change your name to Dreamer. Oh my goodness, does the comedy ever stop?

Harder game

Enter WILL VALDEZ as a name.

Unlimited phone-a-friend help

Select "Phone-a-friend" for help with a question. Press Start to pause game play in the middle of the phone-a-friend session. Listen to the remainder of the help message and answer the question. Continue playing the game, and if you get stuck again, pause, then resume the game to get another phone-a-friend session.

Easier game

Do not enter a name and wait for Regis to get mad and enter a name for you. It will then be easier for you to win a million dollars.

Auto game end

Leave the game at the screen after Regis asks "How many players there are?". Regis will eventually get mad and end the game.

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